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Wake Up, Girls! Shinsei no Tenshi is a rhythm & idol simulation game for PC and mobile browsers (HTML5). It is scheduled for release in August 2018.

WUGten will also include associated units like Run Girls, Run! (RGR), Next Storm, etc.

  • If you actually want to help with this wiki for some reason, DM me on Twitter or find me somewhere else


Pre-Registration Campaigns

  • You can pre-register via Twitter, LINE, Viber, or Email
    • Tiers up to 100k users include gacha tickets and other items
    • At 150k users, everyone gets [Marine Shark] Hayashida Airi SR
    • Later tiers TBD
  • There is also a Twitter campaign where you can win signed shikishi from each of the seiyuu by following the Twitter account and retweeting the character's PV:
    • #1: Okamoto Miyu (CV: Takagi Miyu)
    • Not posted yet: Shimada Mayu (CV: Yoshioka Mayu), Hayashida Airi (CV: Eino Airi), Katayama Minami (CV: Tanaka Minami), Nanase Yoshino (CV: Aoyama Yoshino), Hisami Nanami (CV: Yamashita Nanami), Kikuma Kaya (CV: Okuno Kaya), Hayashi Ayumi (CV: Hayashi Koko), Morishima Otome (CV: Morishima Yuuka), Atsugi Itsuka (CV: Atsugi Nanami)