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Wake Up, Girls! Shinsei no Tenshi is a rhythm & idol simulation game for PC and mobile browsers (HTML5). It is scheduled for release in August 2018.

WUGten will also include associated units like Run Girls, Run! (RGR), Next Storm, etc.

  • If you actually want to help with this wiki for some reason, DM me on Twitter or find me somewhere else


Pre-Registration Campaigns

Pre-Registration Gacha

  • Get EX cards that can't be obtained in the game!
  • URL:
    • Requires Rakuten Games account
    • Requires linking Twitter account and letting it tweet the message
  • Draw rates:
    • EX Card (7 types) - 7% each
    • Idol Ticket x3 - 10%
    • Idol Ticket x2 - 15%
    • Idol Ticket x1 - 26%
  • Serial codes redeemable in-game and valid until 9/30
  • You can only get ONE serial code. Once you lock in and generate the serial code, you can't roll the gacha anymore.
    • You can try 2 times per day.